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The Challenge to Be and Not to Do

Book Description

Ever wished you could be more than you are now? Perhaps you have wondered whether there was more to life than the hamster wheel that you find yourself on? Maybe, you have been told by a teacher or manager that you won't amount to anything? Does part of you secretly believe that you could do something greater than you are doing now? Then this book is for you. You are not going mad and you are not being big headed to believe that YOU are awesome and YOU do have a unique talent. You have a unique talent, and if you don't know what it is yet, it is time you found out. If you fail to play your strengths, to be the best that you are capable are being, it is not just you that misses out, it is all of us. Essentially, this book will challenge you to seek out your talent, release your full potential and be defined by who you are, not what you do. Are you ready for that?