Chapter 3Four Critical Developmental Tasks

It is one thing to become clear about what is and is not important to you. This in itself is a big step toward thriving that few people take the time to do. It is another thing altogether to grow your life into one that is purposeful, powerful, and strong. Growing your Circle requires development similar to the development you took on as a child. In order to thrive in your life, you must work toward accomplishing four critical developmental tasks: gain independence, embrace your unique power, embody humility, and pursue purpose.

There was a time when you were helpless. You could do nothing to care for yourself but cry when you were uncomfortable. You were completely dependent on your caretakers to feed you, clean you, clothe you, and love you. Even turning over was a chore beyond your ability. The best you could hope for was to find your thumb. But, you developed. One day, you learned to smile and smiling gained you the attention of others. You learned to talk and could then ask for what you wanted. This was much more efficient than crying and hoping others could decode your distress. You learned to walk and so could go and get what you wanted without having to wait for others to show up. You learned to use the potty and so could be around other children for longer periods of time. All of these developmental steps were critical to your physical independence. Without having successfully navigated them, your functioning would be severely ...

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