Chapter 5Distress and Vision in Expanding Your Circle

In Figure 5.1 you will see that the first step in expanding your circle is having something matter for you; to have a vision, a passion, a drive. The things that matter to you, that you want to improve, develop, and achieve act like fuel that drives the process of growth and change. It is critical that you come to understand how things come to matter or fail to.

Scheme for Distress and Vision in Expanding a Circle.

Figure 5.1 Steps in Expanding Your Circle

Why does one single mom decide to get a second job to put her kids through school while her friends don't seem to do anything to help their children? Why does one employee take work home so he can complete it on time while his buddies simply punched out and went to the bar? Why does Jorge take on feeding the day laborers while his friends don't?

We believe there are reasons the single mom works a second job, and although not entirely the same, reasons that an employee goes the extra mile and that Jorge shares what he has to help feed those with less. The motivation for each of these people to expand their Circle is that it was important to them. It was important enough to the mom to provide more opportunities for her children, to the worker to meet deadlines, to Jorge to feed others with what may be viewed as meager means. For those who do not expand their Circle not much is very important.

How do things become important ...

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