Chapter 7Creating a Road Map

Until you put your vision into words and record it somewhere, it is more likely to remain a wish and to lack the creative power to change your life. Sometimes, we lack the faith to believe we can have what we want and so hold back on expressing our desires. Sometimes, we believe but are too fearful to express ourselves fully. It is only when we get past these obstacles and write it down that we begin to unleash the full potential of vision. This process of writing down our vision is like creating a road map toward the destination of thriving.

Lisa's Story

Lisa had always struggled a bit with the term vision. It seems like the kind of word that belongs to people who use words like “big picture.” However, the value of vision became real to Lisa when she went through a divorce.

It seemed that all of her plans for the future were falling apart and would never become realities. The divorce was a terribly depressing time for Lisa and her children.

A friend reminded her that she had overcome a host of obstacles that she encountered in her business career. When problems arose, Lisa was always able to cast a new plan and vision and the business would somehow flourish.

So, at this unlikely time in Lisa's life she chose to sit down in front of her computer and write a business plan for her life. This plan was a path to achieve her desired outcomes for her future. Creating this plan was a challenge because, as a result of the divorce, Lisa would have a ...

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