Chapter 8Impact on Others

Expanding your Circle changes the world for the better. There are two kinds of greatness in the world. The first is the greatness of ego. Many people seek to be recognized for their accomplishments. They are known because they throw a 90‐mile‐per‐hour fastball, or won two Emmys, or have their name on a building. This is clearly a type of greatness. But, this kind of greatness is built on a weak foundation. So many of those we call heroes turn out to be disappointments when we discover how they achieved their greatness. They cut corners, they cheated, they took advantage of others. This kind of greatness is false and empty.

The second type of greatness is quite different. It isn't about recognition. In fact, many of those whom we consider great aren't recognized at all. They are great because they have chosen to be noble, to put themselves aside and to take on the needs of others. They make the world a better place because of their choices. They demonstrate their greatness in big and small ways, such as:

  • Paying for someone's breakfast
  • Feeding the homeless
  • Coaching their kids' sports teams
  • Taking a meal to a sick neighbor

There is no shortage of stories about the greatness of ordinary people who, every day, add to the goodness in the world. Mothers and fathers tenderly attend to their helpless infants. Parents put in long hours at work to provide for the needs of their family. Employees go the extra mile in staying late, lending a hand, training a ...

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