Chapter 10Independence

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The Journey

Each of us is on a journey; the journey of your life. We pass through life poorly, wonderfully, or somewhere between. We may be fully aware of our choices along the way and wise in how we make them or we might be unconscious and quite unaware of both what we are creating and what we are missing. The one thing that is true for each of us is that the journey is a one‐way street. You can't go back and you don't get to start over.

One of the great dangers in the journey of life is to blindly follow the rules we were given as children. There is nothing wrong with the rules themselves but there comes a time when you must think for yourself.

Most of us were taught to be good people and to be responsible; both wonderful traits. But, it may be possible to be so focused on being good and responsible that we miss out on our lives; the ones that belong to us. We may hope to be rewarded someday for our obedience only to discover that day never comes.

If so, we failed to discover our independence.

The Independence Element

Independence is the first and most fundamental step in achieving the maturity and satisfaction of a rich and balanced life Circle. Being independent means casting off all forms of dependence to gain the freedom to live your life—the unique life that belongs to you—in an unrestricted and unencumbered manner. It is our starting place ...

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