Chapter 11Power

Illustration of four arrows in circular shape.

Many people view themselves as quite ordinary; as if there is nothing all that special about them. There is certainly a great deal of truth in that judgment. There are so many ways we are like each other; so much we have in common.

What you may fail to know about yourself is that you also possess something quite extraordinary. Some people are lucky enough to discover their gift early in life and so live in its power for much of their lives. Others never discover that uniqueness and so live their lives without ever experiencing that sense of being truly special.

It is your extraordinary self that is meant to be the source of power to live your life. It is meant to supply you with material success, purpose and meaning, and a sense of security that you have something to offer that the world needs.

The second step in cultivating a truly meaningful life is cultivating real power. Power can come from many sources. But the power to which we refer is that which comes from discovering your unique giftedness and in fully aligning your energy and passion with it. Your work in life was not meant to be drudgery that you endure because you need to pay the bills. Your work was meant to be the creative expression of your true gifts. When you understand your gifts and work from that place, your work becomes a source of power that provides for your needs but also impacts the ...

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