Chapter 15Achieving Greatness

Pulling It All Together

You have now completed your Circle Blueprint assessment, whether online or through self‐reflection, and should have a pretty good idea of those aspects that you have mastered and the ones that will require some attention. You should be proud of having cultivated those aspects of greatness that are robust in your Circle. They are likely to be the very attributes that are the foundation of your current success and of the positive difference you are making in the lives of those around you.

At the same time, those traits that are underdeveloped are showing you precisely where you are limiting your greatness and where you have work to do. The exercises we provided at the end of previous chapters are only intended to be pointers toward the work you need to embrace. We know you will want more assistance and guidance.

To that end, we have created workbooks that expand on each of the four key elements necessary to have a robust and healthy Circle. In those workbooks you will find the step‐by‐step instruction necessary to continue to expand your Circle and your impact. We encourage you to continue the journey you have started. The wise man puts to use everything he learns in life. The fool is attracted to new ideas but never does anything with them. Choose to be wise. More information about the workbooks can be found at

Ascending Your Throne

Our purpose in writing this book is to inspire you to believe ...

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