5 The Visualizer Persona

Through all of human history, people have longed to know their future. In ancient Greece, rulers came to Delphi on the slopes of Mount Parnassus to speak to the Oracle, in hopes that she would dispense profound visions of their coming fates. So highly valued were these visions that people made long and arduous journeys just for the opportunity to hear them.

The power of vision still stirs people to action. Buyers with a clear picture of how they can solve a problem or take advantage of a new opportunity are motivated to purchase the capabilities needed to realize their visions. Conversely, if they cannot envision a better future state, then they certainly will not take action.

The difference depends on a seller's own vision, and the ability to help buyers see that compelling vision of their future—one that enables buyers to see how they can use new capabilities to realize tangible value. Sellers who have this ability are Visualizers.

What Is a Visualizer?

The Visualizer persona enables a seller to see what could be, help buyers see this vision for themselves, and make that vision so compelling that buyers are willing to take action.

To be a proficient Visualizer, sellers must know how to engage in useful conversations with buyers, whether those conversations are online, in person, or over the telephone. This is how buyers form opinions and perceptions about sellers, their personal brand, their company, and the value they bring to a buyer's situation. Sellers ...

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