Essential Competencies for The Collaborative Sale

The three personae of The Collaborative Sale require sellers to possess or develop a number of key competencies—knowledge, skills, or abilities that enable them to perform the required behaviors for each persona. Managers implementing The Collaborative Sale should look for evidence of these competencies in any potential new hire, and examine what competencies need to be developed in existing sellers on staff.

Some of these competencies overlap, especially those required for situational fluency (see Chapter 3), which is the foundation of each of the three personae.

Sales Performance International (SPI) offers assessments that measure sellers’ levels of these competencies. For more information, go to

Micro-Marketer Competencies

In order to execute successfully the actions needed to fulfill the Micro-Marketer persona, a seller must possess the following essential characteristics, knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Situational knowledge—understands the buyer's industry, job roles, areas of responsibility, and common business issues.
  • Capability knowledge—understands product and service solutions, and how they address customer business issues or capitalize on potential opportunities.
  • Demand creation—creates and uses business development messaging for generating demand, providing thought leadership, and stimulating buyer interest.
  • Problem needs identification—identifies buyers’ business drivers for change within ...

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