The Coming China Wars: Where They Will Be Fought and How They Can Be Won, Revised and Expanded Edition

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For years, China has served as the "factory floor" for global production, driving down prices for consumers worldwide. But, unfortunately, China's rapid and chaotic industrialization has put it on a collision course with the rest of the world. The Coming China Wars was the first book to systematically cover all those conflicts: political, economic, and environmental. Now, in this new edition, Dr. Peter Navarro has thoroughly updated the entire book. You'll find new chapters on the danger posed by China's flood of defective products and contaminated food; China's dramatic military expansion and the rising threat of a "hot war"; China's space program and its profound strategic implications; China's growing suppression of human rights and free speech; and much more. The coming China Wars will be fought over everything from decent jobs, livable wages, and advanced technologies to strategic resources...and eventually to our most basic of all needs: bread, water, and air. Unless all nations immediately address these impending conflicts, the results may be catastrophic. Like the First Edition, this book demands that we think much more deeply about how to stop the coming China Wars, laying out hard choices that must be made sooner rather than later. This new edition offers even more policy recommendations, including original contributions from several of the world's most important China experts.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Praise for The Coming China Wars
  3. Author’s Comment on the Updated and Expanded Edition
  4. Introduction to China’s “Butterfly Effect on Steroids”
  5. The Cheating “China Price” and Weapons of Mass Production
    1. Cheap and Slave Labor—A Tough Combo to Beat
    2. Lax Environmental Regulations—China’s Rivers Run Black
    3. China’s “Nuclear” Option of Currency Manipulation
    4. The Great Protectionist Walls of China
    5. China’s Buccaneer Corporate Edge
    6. China’s New “Foreign (Direct Investment) Humiliation”
    7. The Cheating China Price Bottom Line
  6. China’s Counterfeit Economy and Not-So-Swashbuckling Pirates
    1. China’s Counterfeit Kings and Grand Theft Auto
    2. China’s Snake Oil for the World
    3. Chinese Piracy Economics 101
    4. Chinese Piracy Politics 101
  7. “Made in China”—The Ultimate Warning Label
    1. A Poisoned Food Chain
    2. Assassins in Toyland
    3. Crash Dummies on the Volga
    4. The Origins of China’s Flood of Contaminated, Defective, and Cancerous Products
  8. The “Blood and Nukes for Oil” Wars—The Sum of All Chinese Fears
    1. An (Oil Price) Shocking Global Recession?
    2. The Sum of All Chinese Oil Fears
    3. China’s Provocative “Zero Sum” Oil-Supply Game
    4. A Coming “Hot War” on the Asian High Seas?
  9. The World’s Most Ironic Imperialist and Weapons of Mass Construction
    1. The Heavy Appetites of China’s Heavy Manufacturing Model
    2. Heart of Darkness—China’s Parasitic African Safari
    3. Benevolent Bootstrap or Imperial Boot to the Neck?
    4. China’s Latin American Tangos
    5. Imperialism with a Taiwanese Twist—And Spies R Us
  10. The Global Warming Wars—Killing Us (and Them) Softly with Their Coal
    1. You Can’t Tell Your Worst Polluter without a Scorecard
    2. The World’s Biggest Pollution Factory
    3. China’s Long Arm Reach of Acid Rain
    4. A Chinese Grapes of Wrath
    5. The World’s Biggest Global Warmer
    6. The Troubles with China’s Environmental Destruction Agency
  11. The Damnable Dam and Water Wars—Nary a (Clean) Drop to Drink
    1. The Wages of Heavy Industry Is Death
    2. Letting a Thousand Algal Blooms Bloom
    3. A Mount Everest of Sewage and Dangerous Viral Soup
    4. The Red (Tide) Menace
    5. Nary a Drop to Drink
    6. That Giant Sucking Sound—China’s Dangerous Game of Groundwater Extraction
    7. The Damnable Dam Wars
    8. Drums along the Mekong
  12. China’s Chaotic “Wars from Within”—The Dragon Comes Apart at the Seams
    1. Peasants with Pitchforks
    2. A Worker’s Revolt That Would Make Karl Marx Proud
    3. The Gray Dragons—Where Have All the Pensions Gone?
    4. China’s Pay Up or Die Health-Care System
    5. China’s Ticking HIV/AIDS Time Bomb
    6. Muslim Separatists or “Terrorists”?
  13. Inside the World’s Biggest Prison with Yahoo! the Stool Pigeon and Comrade Orwell
    1. Let a Thousand Censors Snip
    2. Fear and Loathing on the Not So World Wide Web
    3. Comrade Orwell Meets Yahoo! the Stool Pigeon
    4. Who Are the Major Targets of Chinese Repression?
    5. Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself—And That’s (Usually) Enough
    6. From China’s Police State Blotter
  14. Red Army Rising—The Coming China Hot Wars
    1. Turning Wal-Mart Plowshares into Chinese Swords
    2. China’s History of Violence
    3. Fear and Loathing in the Taiwan Strait
    4. A Panoply of Hot War Triggers
  15. Racing for the Ultimate Strategic High Ground—The Coming China Star Wars
    1. The Peaceful Benefits of Space—From Tang to Medical Telemetry
    2. China’s Shot Heard ’Round the Galaxy
    3. China’s GPS—Simply Redundant or Incredibly Dangerous?
    4. When Sci-Fi Becomes Sci-Fact—From Rail Guns to Rocks in Space
    5. China’s Nukes in Space and the Assassin’s Mace
    6. Evolution Roars into Space—The Ultimate Survival of the Species
  16. How to Fight and Win the Coming China Wars!
    1. A New “Made in China” Consumer Calculus
    2. What Voters Must Do
    3. What Our Governments Must Do
    4. What Business Executives Must Do
    5. What China Must (But Probably Won’t) Do
  17. About the Author
    1. Other Books by Peter Navarro
  18. Acknowledgments
  19. Financial Times Press

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  • Title: The Coming China Wars: Where They Will Be Fought and How They Can Be Won, Revised and Expanded Edition
  • Author(s): Peter Navarro
  • Release date: April 2008
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780137145416