PIX Deployment Scenarios

The Cisco PIX and ASA VPN capabilities have their roots in Cisco IOS VPN technologies. VPNs were first introduced in the Cisco IOS router product line and then added to the PIXs in an early 5.x release. Like the routers and the concentrators, Cisco PIXs support many VPN solutions including IPsec, PPTP, and L2TP. Because of their flexibility, they can be used in many different situations. The ASA was introduced in the spring of 2005. The ASA is a unique hybrid security appliance, having abilities from the PIX, VPN 3000, and IDS 4200 sensors. This section will focus on how PIX and ASA security appliances can be used to enhance a VPN solution in your network.

Specifically, the section will cover the following:

  • L2L and Remote ...

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