Easy VPN Remote Support for 6.x

Starting in FOS 6.2 and 6.3, a PIX 501 or 506/506E can perform the function of an Easy VPN Remote, initiating client connections to an Easy VPN Server, like a VPN 3000 concentrator, a Cisco IOS router, or another PIX or ASA security appliance. If you recall from Chapter 14, “3002 Hardware Client,” and Chapter 18, “Router Remote Access Connections,” the 3002 and 800, ubr900, and 1700 routers are also hardware clients. One advantage of setting up a low-end PIX as a Remote is that minimal configuration is needed on the PIX to establish an IPsec session to an Easy VPN Server; policies are centralized on the Server and pushed down to the Remote during IKE Mode Config, and individual users behind the PIX do not need ...

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