Easy VPN Server Support for 7.0

Continued support for Easy VPN Server is provided in FOS 7.0. Many, many new enhancements have been made to the Server function, putting the PIX and ASA more in line with the IPsec capabilities of the VPN 3000 concentrators. However, the configuration of an Easy VPN Server is very different than what I discussed earlier for 6.x.

This part of the chapter will focus on the configuration of a PIX/ASA as an Easy VPN Server. The following are tasks you need to perform on the 7.0 security appliance to set it up as a Server:

  • Enabling ISAKMP, including policies (discussed in the last chapter)

  • Defining IP address pools (discussed previously in the “Address Pool Configuration for 6.x” section)

  • Creating tunnel groups (this ...

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