The Complete Graphic Designer
Designers are given specifi c visual
problems to solve that must meet
defi ned business objectives, be deliv-
ered within budget, and work with-
in a myriad of other possible con-
straints. These problems can range
in scope from designing brochures
or other marketing collateral to
developing an extensive corporate
identity for a company. Sometimes,
however, visual problems and their
goals may be more challenging;
for example, the company may
be trying to increase their market
share or appeal to an entirely dif-
Developing the
Creative Brief
(Opposite page) The creative brief
offers insight into the successful
attributes of an organization’s
identity or marketing collateral.
Comparing those with compet-
ing organizations allows for the
development of a unique solution
to a visual problem.
Design: Indicia Design
Because many design problems
have multiple phases or parts to
the fi nal solution, the creative brief
should include a detailed timeline for
the project. Creating a visual “map”
of dates for deliverables keeps
everyone involved on the same page
and the project on schedule.
Design: Dean Olufson
ferent audience than they have in
the past. In these cases, it is vital to
have a thorough brief that clearly
outlines the parameters. In some
cases, clients are not familiar with
what a brief needs to address and
will unknowingly provide the
designer with an incomplete brief
or vague goals. In this situation, it is
the designer’s responsibility to lead
the client in developing a creative
brief that outlines the task at hand
and provides a framework the
designer can work within.
Creative agencies or firms develop their
own creative procedures. Depending on the
size and scope of a project or the number
of individuals immersed in the problem, the
design process may be more involved. Clearly
communicating this process with clients at
the beginning of a project informing them of
the complexities inherent in solving visual
problems will not only make them feel more
involved and vested in the process, but will
also result in a smoother relationship.
Design: Willoughby Design
Provision-Complete Graphic Designer
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