Keeping a Design
Process Record
Design is often a compromise of ideas between the
designer and clients, so sometimes the best solution
is not selected for fi nal implementation and print
production. Maintaining records of the design pro-
cess, whether in a job jacket or sketchbook, preserves
the evolution of ideas and creates a place for unused
ones to be cataloged for future use. Process cataloging
is also invaluable for resolving billing or ownership
disputes such as proving the amount of work that was
put into a project or when a design was fi rst created.
Remember that good design connects with an intend-
ed audience. Developing a well-researched creative
brief, adhering to the guidelines set within, and com-
municating with the client will ensure that only suc-
cessful concepts and solutions are produced and that
precious time is not wasted on ineffective concepts.
For this high-end CEO Summit piece for Nokia,
the design fi rm utilized several fi nishing tech-
niques such as die cutting the event logo out of
the box slip cover, designing a uniquely shaped
program and itinerary that is bound using wire-o®
techniques, and choosing a custom printed
binder for the event collateral.
Design: Yellow Octopus
A complex and intricate blind emboss is used
to convey the idea of a sidewalk that has been
decorated with names while the cement was
still wet. Embossing is a subtle technique
whose tactile qualities engage the senses and
enhance the overall impact of a piece.
Design: And Partners
The Design Process
Provision-Complete Graphic Designer
CGD p038-061_Text file_.indd 61CGD p038-061_Text file_.indd 61 1/20/09 8:21:41 AM1/20/09 8:21:41 AM
Gridlines are not only visible in this
composition, but act as the illustrated
portion of the poster, launching a new
corporate identity.
Design: Templin Brink
Sometimes a composition will
use several grids layered on top of
each other or at different angles.
Design: Fauxpas Grafi k
Provision-Complete Graphic Designer
CGD p062-083_Text file_.indd 62CGD p062-083_Text file_.indd 62 1/20/09 9:24:15 AM1/20/09 9:24:15 AM

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