Accordion fold
A zigzag type of fold in a sheet of paper where two or
more parallel folds open like an accordion permitting
the paper to be extended to its full breadth with a single
pull. Also called a fan fold.
The American Institute of Graphic Arts is the profes-
sional association for design.
A printed area that extends beyond the trimmed edge
of a printed piece. Bleed areas generally range from
1/8” to 1/4” (3.175 to 6.35mm).
Blind emboss
A design element that is pressed into the paper in lieu
of being printed in ink, giving it a “raised” impression.
Body copy
The main content or text used in any type of printed
collateral such as a magazine, catalog, or brochure.
Bracketed exposure
Multiple exposures of a photograph that are taken
using different aperture settings, shutter speeds, and
lighting to determine the best version of an image for a
particular purpose.
According to Jonas Bergvall, these are “the collected
experiences of a company, product, or service, a
customer has. The logo, packaging, retail environ-
ments, and marketing messages each contribute to the
resulting impression a customer has about a product
or company.
Brand equity
Qualities of a product, service, or brand experience that
are familiar to the customer and that have been com-
municated consistently over time, adding “real” value to
the brand.
Brand experience
The physical qualities of a product that help the
consumer form an opinion about the brand, including
packaging, tactile experience, and how well it works or
Call to action
The reason for a sales or marketing piece, this sen-
tence, headline, or caption requests that the viewer of
the piece do something, whether place a phone call or
visit a website.
The manner in which a designed piece such as sales
collateral, a brochure, or a pocket folder stays shut. This
might include a clasp, a tuck tab, or string fastener.
The four process colors that are used in printing to cre-
ate the illusion of full color. Cyan, magenta, yellow, and a
key color, black, are printed by overlapping dots to give
the impression of thousands of different colors.
Coated paper
Paper with a smooth and sometimes glossy fi nish
created by applying a clay coating to the surface. This
prevents ink from sinking into paper and allows for
more vivid color and different fi nishes such as matte,
gloss, or silk.
Any piece of printed marketing material that promotes
a company or organization, its products, or services,
including brochures, sales sheets, catalogs, pocket
folders, etc.
Blocks of type set at the same width.
Column inches
The measurement unit for newspaper advertising that
is one column wide by one inch in length.
Glossary of Terms
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