Preface: Getting Started on Your Knowledge Management Journey

Welcome to the beginning of your knowledge management (KM) journey. On this journey, you will travel with us, Tuvya and Edna, two KM experts searching for successful solutions to various KM issues in all types of markets and situations. This book takes the intangible and abstract topic of KM and makes it concrete and applicable.

Most managers already know something about KM and are curious to learn more, but their initial backgrounds may differ considerably: Many have only heard knowledge management used as a buzzword; some may hold the common misconception that it is only about systematically recording existing knowledge; and still others have already realized its strategic value. All of them, however, share a common goal that renders them prospective experts: to fully understand KM, to know their role in implementing it, and to acquire the necessary skills and tools for doing it successfully.

A Book for Managers

This book is intended to prepare managers to be the leaders of KM in their organizations. The continuous growth of knowledge, the most important core competence of the modern organization, ensures the long-term growth and profit of an organization. Managers at all levels of the organization must be the leaders and catalysts of KM. It is the manager who must comprehend and exploit the strategic significance of knowledge by instilling the processes of knowledge creating and knowledge sharing in an organization's ...

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