B.1 Installing Add-Ons
B.2 The Outliner Window
B.1 Installing Add-Ons
Add-ons are additional Blender functions, hidden away in the user preferences window
to prevent cluttering the interface. Add-ons are Python scripts (pieces of code in the Py-
thon programming language) that, when activated, provide additional functionality to the
Blender program. Blender comes preloaded with a selection of add-ons, but there are liter-
ally hundreds of scripts available for download on the internet—the Blender website con-
tains a link to the scripts repository where a great number can be found.
When you download an add-on (Python script), you have to install it into Blender; the
best way to show this process is to provide an example. A very interesting add-on in Blender
is called BlenRig 4, which is a script for manipulating a model of the human body. You
will have to study the sections in this book on modeling, animation, rigging, and applying
modiers before you can possibly understand how this amazing piece of code works, but
I am sure installing it will demonstrate how powerful Blender is. is exercise will show
you how to download a compressed (.zip) le and extract it to a folder, nd a Python script
contained in the decompressed le, then install the script into Blender. is is an exercise in
manipulating les to add functionality to Blender. For a beginner, the exercise may appear
daunting but is well worth pursuing.
To begin, we will go to the internet and download a folder containing the Python script
and a demonstration Blender (.blend) le. e download will be a compressed (.zip) le, so
you must have a program installed on your computer to unzip it: either WinZip, WinRar,
or Zzip will do the trick.
376 B. Supplements
Before you download, keep in mind where on your hard drive you want to save your
download and into which folder you want to unzip it. Windows usually has a default folder
such as “Downloads” or “My Documents” where it saves downloaded les. If you want to
download somewhere else or create a new folder, head to the section on navigation and
Windows Explorer in Chapter 2. Whatever you do, remember where your les are located;
if you have a memory like mine, it’s best to create a log le somewhere and remember where
you keep it.
Go online, open a browser window, and search “BlenRig 4.” Select the “
ar” site and nd the downloads/tutorials page. e full site address is:
downloads/blenrig/current-release/blenrig-4-0/. In the tutorials section on this site, you
have the option to download three demonstrations (Figure B.1):
• Zepam model
• Human male athletic model
• Gilgamesh model
Figure B.1
Click on any one
of the mirrors to

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