The Complete MySQL Developer Course

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This course will take you on a journey where you'll establish the strongest possible foundation in database development by learning how to use MySQL (the most popular open source database in the world), write queries, create reports, build web applications, and incorporate MySQL as the database layer. Turn your development dreams into a reality by taking this course and putting a check mark next to your growing development skillset.

You will learn to:

  • Set up MySQL
  • Work with online IDEs
  • Create databases and queries
  • Use logical operators
  • Manipulate tables/rows/data
  • Understand how joins work and use them
  • Create admin features
  • Implement deployment production
  • And a lot more

What You Will Learn

  • Build web applications using MySQL and PHP
  • Establish a solid foundation for databases and SQL
  • Learn how joins work and use them
  • Build web applications with PHP, HTML, and CSS, with MySQL as the database layer
  • Perform CRUD operations and authentication from web applications
  • Create admin features
  • Implement deployment production


This course is designed for anyone keen to learn MySQL and database technologies, build web applications, or make a career in the tech industry.

About The Author

Codestars By Rob Percival: Codestars, by Rob Percival, is a revolutionary online learning platform on a mission to transform the way people learn to code. With a focus on simplicity, logic, and fun, Rob has empowered over half a million students through his courses.

Recognizing the need for diverse and comprehensive learning experiences, Rob established Codestars as a collaborative effort. Codestars provides learners of all ages and proficiency levels with the tools and knowledge needed to build functional websites and apps. By making coding accessible and enjoyable, Codestars aims to simplify the learning journey and unlock the potential of aspiring coders worldwide.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to the course and MySQL
    1. Introduction
    2. Development environment overview
    3. Sign up for cloud based IDE for development
  2. Chapter 2 : Creating Databases and Introduction to Queries
    1. Power of Databases
    2. Create a Database/Schema
    3. Intro to tables and conventions used
    4. Working with tables
    5. Inserting rows of data
    6. Select
    7. Concat and substring
    8. Homework challenge - bowling scores!
    9. Solution - bowling score challenge
    10. Alternate method of homework solution – script
    11. MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server
    12. Limit, order by and distinct
    13. Count, like and group by
    14. Min and max
    15. Code challenge project - create a new report
  3. Chapter 3 : Logical operators and dates
    1. Data types in MySQL
    2. Where and not equal
    3. Comparison operators
    4. Or
    5. Null and blanks
    6. Case statements
    7. Dates and times
    8. Date, time and math
    9. Section 3 final project - Create a report on birthdays
  4. Chapter 4 : Update and delete rows
    1. Update
    2. Update based on comparison
    3. Delete
  5. Chapter 5 : Multiple tables and JOINS
    1. Primary keys, foreign keys
    2. Data prep for joins
    3. Joins and aliases
    4. More about joins
    5. Inner, Left, Outer, Right joins
    6. Left outer joins
    7. Fix a bad join challenge
    8. Subselects
    9. More subselects
    10. Section 5 - Final Project Part 1
    11. Section 5 - Final Project Part 2
  6. Chapter 6 : Web apps – Data collection from a survey
    1. Introduction to Web App Development
    2. HTML and CSS
    3. Start form collector project
    4. Add styling to form
    5. Create table
    6. Config and other php
    7. Complete receiver
    8. Start SQL Functons
    9. Preview and understand steps taken for web app
    10. Add browser display
    11. Project - Convert to poll!
  7. Chapter 7 : CRUD and PHP
    1. CRUD – Introduction
    2. Create action
    3. Read
    4. Update action
    5. Delete action
  8. Chapter 8 : Authentication with PHP and MySQL
    1. Introduction to authentication
    2. Complete user sign-up
    3. Login users
    4. Enforce log in for app
    5. Sessions
  9. Chapter 9 : Challenge section - Build a WebAdmin site
    1. Challenge section intro and get started
    2. Challenge section project day 2
    3. Project day 3, 4 and 5
    4. Project day 6, 7 and completion
  10. Chapter 10 : Deploy to production
    1. Deploy to production using a hosting service
  11. Chapter 11 : Stored Procedures and Scheduled jobs
    1. Thank you

Product information

  • Title: The Complete MySQL Developer Course
  • Author(s): Codestars by Rob Percival, Mashrur Hossain
  • Release date: December 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789953053