Chapter 10The Project Execution Phase: Diagnosing Project Health; Scope Compromises

As your project moves out of the requirements and specifications stage and into development, you may suddenly feel as if an evacuation order has been issued. Many business folks and project team members may panic at this juncture, because it can feel very eerie when the noise and commotion suddenly evaporate. Don't worry: It's a natural part of being in the middle third of a software development project. If it makes you feel better, behind the scenes your programmers are saying, “Peace and quiet?! I am working 60 hours a week and have 200 issue tickets to address!”

What Should Be Going on Behind the Scenes

If a project is going well, business requirements have been collected, in the most highly visual way possible, and the programmers have a clear roadmap of what they need to do. Here are some common activities happening at this stage:

  • Programmers are coding, even though wireframes may not be fully done. Many back-end tasks can be done in the absence of visuals. Even many front-end pieces can be roughed in. If your team is working in a more Agile style, bits of functionality are starting to emerge and to be shown to the project team and even business stakeholders.
  • Wireframes are being created and signed off. Wireframes, you say? I thought we were supposed to have a ton of visuals already? But remember, the visuals created in Chapter 6 were based on assumptions. They were, by definition, rough ...

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