Four Examples and Rewards of Running a Relationship Business

Great customer relationships that develop into trust define the health and growth potential of your business. Trust results in repeat business and referrals, and there are also many other rewards associated with strong relationships.
The following sections provide four windows into the kinds of benefits you can expect in return when you focus your email marketing on building toward trust instead of just promoting transactions. Each section includes a benefit and a real-life example of a business that has derived the benefit using email marketing to develop trust.
These are the same benefits we strive for at Constant Contact, and they have made us very successful. Use our experience, and the following examples, as a guide so you can start recognizing and building valuable relationships of your own through your email marketing.


When you invest in building relationships with your customers, they return the favor by thinking of you first when the time comes for making a purchase. Customers who have a relationship with you will also go out of their way and ignore the competition.
I lived in New York City in the late 1980s, and at that time I began shopping for clothing at a men’s clothing store called Rothman’s. The store offers high-quality clothing at reasonable prices with the added benefit of store employees who really go out of their way to provide their customers with a great shopping experience ...

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