Dasser Consulting has been engaged by a medium-sized insurance company in the UK that is under pressure to reshape its business. Focused purely on life and health insurance offerings, the company has done well over the recent decade, due partly to a strong product offering but also to a prospering economy. But now that a recession is shrinking the size of the addressable market, insurance companies are competing harder for a reduced stream of new business and the client is concerned about its future.

A week ago two senior consultants from Dasser met with the client to gain an understanding of the assignment, establishing the client's business objectives, scope, initial requirements and the stakeholders who should be engaged in subsequent discussions. Since then they have carried out basic solution analysis specific to the client's situation and have considered possible approaches and their benefits.

They have now scheduled a meeting to discuss their proposed solution approach with the director of operations in the client organization.


Meeting objectives

The Dasser team has defined the following objectives for their meeting.

Although Dasser has already been selected for this assignment, the team members ...

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