Chapter 5Presence: How to Be an Authority and Expert

Creating and Nurturing a Brand

A brand is a uniform expression of quality. It may be a work, a phrase, a logo, or a name. Your ultimate brand is your name, as in “Get me Jason Wilson.”

The three requirements for a powerful brand are:

  1. You identify a market need that:
    • Already exists and is vibrant (strategy formulation).
    • You can create and make vibrant (remote coaching).
    • You anticipate will be vibrant (the African market).
  2. You have the competency to:
    • Create intellectual property and provocative ideas.
    • Trademark and protect proprietary models and techniques.
    • Stand apart from competitors.
    Schematic illustration of the Requirements for a Powerful Brand.

    FIGURE 5.1 Requirements for a Powerful Brand

  3. You are passionate enough to:
    • Accept the inevitable sniping of others.
    • Constantly evolve and improve your approaches.
    • Become THE thought leader and, perhaps, icon.

Figure 5.1 shows the three pitfalls when even a single one of these three elements is missing. But if you have (or can develop) all three, then you can virally build your brand.

Branding is best accomplished through repetition ...

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