Chapter 7

Need More Appointments? How to Use Email Marketing, Retargeting, and User Tracking to Turn Old Leads into Quality Appointments

Everyone thinks the cure to their online ailment is more leads. That if somehow you just continue to add leads to the top of your funnel, the middle (appointments) and bottom (sales) will work themselves out somehow. Good luck with that. You need as much purpose and strategy, if not more so, to turn an Internet lead into an appointment as you do capturing them in the first place.

Here's the good news. Old leads buy things, too. I promise. In fact, I can take just about any email list (like the one you probably already have or the one you now know how to grow quickly after reading Section One) and get a few appointments and sales immediately. It isn't their fault you didn't convert them yet. It's yours. After you read what is in this chapter, there will be no excuses left for letting hundreds or thousands of leads die a slow death when there is a proven way to resuscitate them.

Don't trip over nickels (leads you already have) just to pick up pennies (more new leads). If you already have old Internet leads (including at least their email address) who never responded to your past attempts (or lack thereof), you can create appointments en masse with smart mass emails. In fact, I'm about to share an email that you can send today to all of your old leads at once that will almost certainly (and instantly) resurrect some for you and turn them into ...

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