How The Conversion Code Was Created

The Conversion Code is a new blueprint for marketers and salespeople that shows you how to capture and convert Internet leads into closed sales at the highest rate possible. Using my exact “code” outlined in this book, you will immediately get more website traffic and more Internet leads, but, most importantly, close more sales.

During the last decade, I worked inside sales jobs and have called more than ten thousand Internet leads. I even worked for two different billionaires: Dan Gilbert and Lou Pearlman. Gilbert is most notably the owner of Quicken Loans and the Cleveland Cavaliers, while Pearlman sadly/impressively made household names of Britney Spears, *NSync, and the Backstreet Boys. I've got a decent three-point shot and I love to sing in the shower, but they didn't hire me for those skills. Instead, I was an elite-level inside salesperson for their ten-figure organizations.

At Quicken Loans for Gilbert, I sold mortgages (when interest rates were over 7 percent and the housing market was crashing). At Fashion Rock, for Pearlman, I sold “event vacations” in Orlando, where talent agents were (sort of) looking for the next big thing. Like a pre-American Idol, American Idol.

At both companies, I sold over the phone from a cubicle (dialing for dollars Boiler Room–style), calling people who had requested more information online (or through a radio or TV ad). I was given a name, a number, and a phone. My job was to call the leads ...

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