The Courageous Leader is based on the principles of The Spine of a Leader, one of eight core competencies used in the Personify Leadership® leadership development program. To personify leadership, it takes more than any one skill or trait. It takes all you’ve got!

The other seven core competencies of Personify Leadership are:

  • The Heart of a Leader–Be a leader whose intention is to look out for the best interests of others:
    • Define your intention as a leader.
    • Align your intention with the best interest of your team and organization.
    • Become aware of your signals and ensure they reflect your intention.
  • The Mind of a Leader—Be a leader who is emotionally resilient:
    • Distinguish between too little, optimal, and too much stress.
    • Identify associated behaviors with stress in the workplace.
    • Identify what is within our control, and how we can affect change when it is necessary to do so.
  • The Voice of a Leader—Be a leader who sends a message that resonates with those who receive it:
    • Understand and apply basic principles of the Sender and Receiver communication model.
    • Discover your Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness (DiSC) style and how it influences your behavior and communication styles.
    • Adapt your behavior and communication to accommodate those who prefer a different style.
  • The Ears of a Leader—Be a leader who truly listens to others:
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the six Interruptions to Listening.
    • Identify the underlying intentions behind interruptions. ...

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