The Creative Programmer, Video Edition

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In Video Editions the narrator reads the book while the content, figures, code listings, diagrams, and text appear on the screen. Like an audiobook that you can also watch as a video.

Programming is a creative act. These techniques will help you maximize the power of creativity to improve your software and your satisfaction in creating it.

Inside The Creative Programmer you’ll discover:

  • The seven dimensions of creativity in software engineering
  • The scientific understanding of creativity and how it translates to programming
  • Actionable advice and thinking exercises that will make you a better programmer
  • Innovative communication skills for working more efficiently on a team
  • Creative problem-solving techniques for tackling complex challenges

In The Creative Programmer you’ll learn the processes and habits of highly creative individuals and discover how you can build creativity into your programming practice. This fascinating new book introduces the seven domains of creative problem solving and teaches practical techniques that apply those principles to software development.

Hand-drawn illustrations, reflective thought experiments, and brain-tickling example problems help you get your creative juices flowing—you’ll even be able to track your progress against a scientifically validated Creative Programming Problem Solving Test. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking up new and novel ways to tackle the big challenges of your projects.

About the Technology
Like composing music, starting a business, or designing a marketing campaign, programming is a creative activity. And just like technical skills, creativity can be learned and improved with practice! This thought-provoking book details practical methods to turn creativity into more effective problem solving, higher productivity, and better software.

About the Book
The Creative Programmer explores seven dimensions of creativity in software engineering—technical knowledge, collaboration, constraints, critical thinking, curiosity, a creative state of mind, and creative techniques. As you read, you’ll apply insights about creativity from other disciplines to the challenges of software development. Numerous relevant examples and exercises drive each lesson home. You’ll especially enjoy the unique Creative Programming Problem Solving Test that helps you assess how creative you’ve been with a programming task.

What's Inside
  • The scientific understanding of creativity and how it translates to programming
  • Advice and exercises that will help you become a creative programmer
  • Innovative communication skills for working more efficiently on a team
  • Creative problem-solving techniques for tackling complex challenges

About the Reader
For programmers of all skill levels.

About the Author
Wouter Groeneveld is a software engineer and computer science education researcher at KU Leuven, where he researches the importance of creativity in software engineering.

The Creative Programmer is a fantastic mix of engaging historical anecdotes, practical exercises, and extensive references to papers, books, and essays both in and outside of programming…. My own copy has now been filled with pages of scribbles and notes on which I could immediately apply Wouter’s lessons, a sign that his exercises are truly engaging and encouraging!
- From the Foreword by Dr. Felienne Hermans, Professor of Computer Science Education, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, author of The Programmer’s Brain

Beautifully written and utterly compelling. I love the research, the insight, and the sheer joy Wouter conveys in his writing.
- Daniel Terhorst-North, Dan North & Associates

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1. The creative road ahead
  2. Chapter 1. Why creativity?
  3. Chapter 1. Different levels of creativity
  4. Chapter 1. A road map to becoming more creative
  5. Chapter 1. The structure of the following chapters
  6. Chapter 2. Technical knowledge
  7. Chapter 2. Gathering knowledge
  8. Chapter 2. Internalizing knowledge
  9. Chapter 2. Acting on knowledge
  10. Chapter 2. A workflow example
  11. Chapter 2. Summary
  12. Chapter 3. Communication
  13. Chapter 3. Collective geography
  14. Chapter 3. Creative work in time
  15. Chapter 3. When creative flow is impeded
  16. Chapter 3. Summary
  17. Chapter 4. Constraints
  18. Chapter 4. Intrinsic constraints
  19. Chapter 4. Imposed constraints
  20. Chapter 4. Self-imposed constraints
  21. Chapter 4. Hitting that sweet spot
  22. Chapter 4. Working with constraints in practice
  23. Chapter 4. Summary
  24. Chapter 5. Critical thinking
  25. Chapter 5. The creative process
  26. Chapter 5. Creativity is the means, not the goal
  27. Chapter 5. Common critical thinking fallacies
  28. Chapter 5. Too much self-criticism
  29. Chapter 5. Why others’ critical thinking matters
  30. Chapter 5. Summary
  31. Chapter 6. Curiosity
  32. Chapter 6. Growing wonder and wanderlust
  33. Chapter 6. Staying on the curious course
  34. Chapter 6. From curiosity to motivation
  35. Chapter 6. Multipotentiality
  36. Chapter 6. Serendipitous discoveries
  37. Chapter 6. About having fun
  38. Chapter 6. Summary
  39. Chapter 7. Creative state of mind
  40. Chapter 7. The flow of deep work
  41. Chapter 7. Interrupt!
  42. Chapter 7. Triggering creative insights
  43. Chapter 7. A corporate creative state of mind
  44. Chapter 7. Summary
  45. Chapter 8. Creative techniques
  46. Chapter 8. A selection: The artist’s toolbox
  47. Chapter 8. A selection: The writer’s toolbox
  48. Chapter 8. A selection: The programmer’s toolbox
  49. Chapter 8. Summary
  50. Chapter 9. Final thoughts on creativity
  51. Chapter 9. On the evolving perspective of creativity
  52. Chapter 9. When not to be creative
  53. Chapter 9. Further reading

Product information

  • Title: The Creative Programmer, Video Edition
  • Author(s): Wouter Groeneveld
  • Release date: June 2023
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: None