3. A Critical Few Behaviors

SCENE: Second week of May, late in the afternoon. A conference room in the Intrepid office, empty except for Katz and Alex. The detritus—empty coffee cups, flip charts full of writing— suggests that a larger group just vacated. One flip chart at the front of the room is labeled “TRAITS” and has just three terms on it: “Perfectionist,” “Consensus Driven,” and “Thrifty.”

ALEX: I thought they’d never leave! [Katz and Alex laugh.] But seriously, I’ve never extended the leadership team meeting from lunch until close of day before . . . people were pretty heated.

KATZ: The topic of culture can be a lively one, that’s for sure. Once you get people talking, it’s hard to know how to get them to stop.

ALEX: It was pretty quiet ...

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