Chapter 9Interacting with Your Backers Using a Blog

Much of this book has focused on preparing for and then managing a reward-based crowd funding campaign. As your campaign gets underway, hopefully you’ll attract a large number of backers and supporters. It then becomes your added responsibility to stay in touch with these people throughout the rest of your campaign and to keep that dialog going once the campaign ends.

Some of this ongoing communication should be via email. For example, as soon as people become backers, they should receive a personalized email thanking them for their support. The call to action within this thank-you email should be to get the backers to share details about your project and campaign with their own social networks. Word-of-mouth promotion is highly effective, especially when someone is sharing details about something in the form of an endorsement with their friends.

Later, when it is time to ship out rewards and/or products related to your campaign, another personalized email should be sent to each backer, telling how and when to expect the reward. If possible, include shipment tracking details.

If you’re using Kickstarter to host your campaign, in addition to ...

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