Chapter 12Get Started Using

There are many different crowd funding platforms available to you that can assist in raising enough money to fund your project, launch your business, expand your business, bring an idea for an invention to fruition, or create something that others will want to experience or participate in.

While the crowd funding landscape is continuously and quickly expanding, the most popular crowd funding platform is currently Kickstarter, which launched in April 2009, with the goal of helping to bring creative projects to life. Not only is Kickstarter a pioneer in the crowd funding arena, it’s also the most successful platform. As of late 2013, the platform had helped more than 60,000 separate projects get funded, which accounted for more than $930 million in pledged funding by backers.


What sets Kickstarter apart from other crowd funding platforms is that it is exclusively used for funding creative projects, ranging from films and video/computer games, to music, art, and technology. In other words, when the project is ultimately funded and completed, something—a movie, book, video game, painting, album, or some other creative project—will be produced. One of the biggest misconceptions about this platform ...

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