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call to, 95–96

inspiration and, 113–115

Active Customer Engagement metric, 82

Affinity groups, 10–14

Affordable Sophistication, 81

Aggregation, of team, 146, 147

AGORADA conference, 202

Algodeal, 6

Amazon EC2, 26

Angel Investor Performance Project (AIPP), 165–166, 189

AngelList, 80

Annualized returns, 190

Apple, 80, 126

Artful ask, 85–109

authenticity of, 87–90

call to action with, 95–96

clear goals of, 97–99

curb appeal with, 94

fear of failure with, 88–89

gravity with, 93

impact and appeal of, 90–96

starting ...

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