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The Crowdsourced Performance Review: How to Use the Power of Social Recognition to Transform Employee Performance

Book Description

IS YOUR REVIEW PROCESS PERFORMING BELOW EXPECTATIONS?Fix the Performance Review with the Wisdom of Crowds!If you’re like most employees and managers, you dread the annual performance review. It’s outdated and frozen in time. It’s a relic of the way business used to work and doesn’t capitalize on the way business works today.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. THE CROWDSOURCED PERFORMANCE REVIEW: How to Use the Power of Social Recognition to Transform Employee Performance
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
    1. Three Innovations
    2. Social Recognition
    1. 1 The Traditional Performance Review and the New Global Workplace
      1. Information Overload
      2. Search-Led Information Processing
      3. Move from Synchronous to Asynchronous Search
      4. It’s Twitter’s World
      5. The Young Want It All—and They’re Right
      6. The Work Stream
      7. Human Resources Overwhelmed
      8. The Troubled Traditional Performance Review
      9. A Single Point of Failure
      10. A Narrow Range of Information
      11. A Flawed Rewards Structure
      12. The “Objective” Illusion
      13. Traditional Performance Reviews Observe Only a Small Set of Behaviors
      14. The Traditional Review Is Difficult to Scale
      15. Traditional Reviews Do Not Inspire Engagement
      16. The Trouble with Technology
      17. Stack Ranking: Reviewing at the Extreme
      18. Can This System Be Saved?
    2. 2 Crowdsourcing and Human Resources
      1. All Kinds of Crowds
      2. Networks Give More Information
      3. Many Subjective Opinions—A Picture of Performance
      4. A Culture of Collaboration: What Does Crowdsourcing Mean for Human Resources?
    3. 3 The Currency of Happiness
      1. What Makes Happiness?
      2. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of . . . a Paycheck?
      3. Recognition as an Indicator of Company Health
      4. Employees Expect More Than a Paycheck
      5. The Positivity Dominated Workplace
    4. 4 Crowdsourcing Performance with Social Recognition
      1. Coping with Change
      2. Incentives Versus Recognition
      3. Two Forms of Motivation
      4. The Recognition Moment
      5. Three Trends to Watch
    5. 5 The Business Case for Crowdsourcing
      1. Recent Changes in Work and the Workplace
      2. A Culture of Recognition
      3. Recognition and Management Science
      4. Recognition Supports Two Kinds of Cultures
      5. Recognition Drives Engagement
      6. Recognition Supports the Work of HR
      7. Recognition Supports HR Budgets
      8. Crowdsourced Feedback Deepens the Dialogue
      9. Voluntary Participation Is Key
    1. 6 How Recognition Supplements the Traditional Performance Review
      1. Social Architecture Supports Culture
      2. The Social Graph
      3. Bringing Social Recognition into the Workplace
      4. The Heroic Leader Meets Dunbar’s Number
      5. Implementing Social Recognition
      6. Don’t Discard the Traditional Review Entirely
      7. Years of Service Awards
    2. 7 Putting the Crowdsourced Performance Review into Practice
      1. The Generic Performance Review
      2. Prepare for the Review
      3. Combine the Best of the Traditional and Crowdsourced Reviews
      4. Discussing Money, Perks, Benefits, and Promotions
      5. Performance from a Team Perspective
      6. What About Negative Feedback?
    3. 8 Improving Performance after the Review
      1. Growing a Job
      2. Dealing with Gaps in Recognition
      3. When Recognition Is Absent
      4. Encouraging Personal Growth
      5. Performance Management and Career Paths
      6. Preparing for the Unexpected
    1. 9 Big Data, Crowdsourcing, and the Future of HR
      1. Diving into Data
      2. The Meaning of Unexpected Signals
      3. Using Data to Unlock Hidden Value
      4. The Benefits of Data Visualization
      5. A Compensation Revolution
    2. 10 A Vision for 2020
      1. Employees: Crowdsourcing Compensation
      2. Managers: Finally, a Real Performance Narrative
      3. Executives: A Complete Social Narrative of Performance
      4. HR: The Rise of Reputation Capital
      5. Lifelogging the Organization
  11. Appendix: Implementing Social Recognition
    1. Executive Sponsorship, Defined Goals, and Frequent Communication
    2. Establish a Single, Clear, Global Strategy
    3. Frame the Goals of a Social Recognition Practice Early
    4. Align Social Recognition with Company Values and Strategic Objectives
    5. Create an Opportunity for All to Participate
    6. Harness the Power of Individual Choice
    7. Include Recognition in a System of Total Rewards
    8. Cash Versus Noncash Rewards
    9. Include Recognition Activity in MBO Targets
    10. Understand Zero-Value Awards
    11. Does Everyone Get an Award?
    12. Recognition and the Marketplace
    13. What You Need for Social Recognition
  12. Notes
  13. Index