—14—Let’s Split Up: Parallelized Search

What happened?” asked Officer Notation, who stood by the gate. Frank studied her as he tried to catch his breath. Was she concerned? Confused?

“We were attacked!” Socks blurted out. “We were trapped in a cell and everything was on fire! But I used a metal weakening spell so we could escape.” He looked quite pleased with himself.

“Attacked?” asked Notation. “Who attacked you? Did you see them? What did they look like?”

“No,” admitted Socks. “He snuck up behind me.”

“Frank?” asked Notation, turning to Frank.

Frank shook his head. “All I saw was Socks flying at me.”

“I bet he was big,” offered Socks. “A giant thug. And he was stealthy. Maybe a trained assassin.”

Frank rolled his eyes. “Sorry, kid. He was an ...

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