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Your Feedback
If you cant find an answer through the forums, or if you wish to contact us for any
other reason, the best place to write is books@sitepoint.com. We have an email
support system set up to track your inquiries, and friendly support staff members
who can answer your questions. Suggestions for improvements as well as notices
of any mistakes you may find are especially welcome.
Firstly, Id like to thank the SitePoint team for making this book a reality, and for
being easy to communicate with despite the fact that our respective time zones saw
me going to bed as they started work each day. Particular thanks must go to Simon
Mackie, whose encouragement throughout the writing process was a great support.
Thanks also to both Simon Willison, who reviewed the first edition of this book,
and to Matthew Magain, who edited this second edition, not only for picking up
technical errors and inconsistencies, but for reminding me of different ideas and
approaches to the solutions.
To those people who are really breaking new ground in the world of CSS, those
whose ideas are discussed throughout this book, and those who share their ideas
and creativity with the wider community, thank you.
Thanks to Drew for his support and encouragement, for being willing to discuss
CSS concepts as I worked out my examples for the book, for making me laugh when
I was growing annoyed, and for putting up with our entire lack of a social life. Fi-
nally, thanks must go to my daughter Bethany, who is very understanding of the
fact that her mother is constantly at a computer, and who reminds me of what is
important every day. You both make so many things possible, thank you.

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