Keep your fingers on the customer's pulse and react accordingly


  • Organisations should put in place a Voice of the Customer (VoC) programme to find out what their customers really think about their brand, products and services. This is often the starting point when it comes to driving customer-led growth.
  • Embed your VoC programme into your company's culture. The VoC programme is not a one-off, single-strand activity. Instead, it should be considered as a continuous customer listening channel. VoC programmes take on board feedback from multiple data and knowledge sources, multiple customer segment groups and personas, and across many regions (national or international).
  • Companies should avoid the classic VoC pitfalls – for example, by only running a net promoter system (NPS) survey once a year and calling it ‘VoC’ or just doing it to tick the box of listening to customers. This can produce completely skewed results. Often in such a scenario, the NPS survey delivers invalid responses that ultimately lead to, or simply just validate, poor business decisions. Instead, the VoC programme should be authentic and probe for deeper meaning and root causes.
  • Create an outcome-oriented VoC team. Once the continuous customer listening channel has been firmly established, organisations should be prepared to drive actions and improvements on a regular and constant business. Some improvements can be executed quickly and have an immediate positive ...

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