Predict the future of customer-led growth for your organisation


  • Customer Health measurements are objective and data-driven – use them to better understand and predict customer behaviours, wants and needs – without even asking them! While an effective Voice of the Customer (VoC) programme is critical to understanding your customers, it represents only one side of the coin.
  • Build a Customer Health index (CHI) to objectively measure your entire organisation's company-wide impact on the Customer Experience (CX). This index helps you better identify where to improve CX and how to mitigate the risk of customer churn or defection. Ensure this index is aligned to the customer journey you have built for your key customer segments. Set goals and compensation models for each function linked to the index.
  • Develop client-specific health scores to align your own organisation's goals according to those of the customer. Link these scores back to the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the Customer Success teams. This will ensure that your organisation is focused on the things that matter to your customer, which will drive sustainable growth.

Customer Health is a new technique when it comes to understanding and predicting the views and behaviours of your customers. It provides real-time customer-led insight and intelligence to your entire business to drive the appropriate actions in support of sustainable business growth. It uses big data and artificial ...

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