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Travis Lowdermilk

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Travis Lowdermilk is a UX researcher, author, designer, storyteller, prototyper, coder, maker, mentor, and doer. Currently, he works for Microsoft’s Developer Division, helping teams make tools and platforms for software developers. Travis has a B.S. in Information Systems from California State University, Fresno and an M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University. His background is a unique blend of systems-thinking, human factors, user research, design, and engineering.

Travis is especially passionate about helping product teams connect with their customers to uncover unmet needs and build innovative products. He’s had the opportunity to work with product teams from all over the world, sharing his expertise and inspiring product makers to drive customer connection and empathy into the center of their product making process.

He’s also the coauthor of The Customer-Driven Playbook and the author of User-Centered Design (O’Reilly).

In his spare time, Travis enjoys photography, reading, writing, and exploring new technologies. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife Jackie, two sons Noah and Jackson, their dog Muggles, and Jake the cat (when Jake decides they are worthy of his presence).

To learn more about Travis, visit www.travislowdermilk.com or follow him on Twitter (@tlowdermilk).

Monty Hammontree

Monty Hammontree is the ...

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