7Reason #4: Even the Money People Are in Love with Customer Success

Picture a board meeting ten years ago for a typical B2B company. What would be on the agenda? Probably a smorgasbord of financial results and sales metrics. From time to time, you might have seen sprinkled in a discussion on product roadmap as well. Customer Success? That would only be a topic if there were a big issue.

Fast forward to today. Private company CEOs now know that when it's time to raise a new round of funding, they have to make sure that they have a strong Customer Success strategy in place. And public company CEOs are increasingly realizing that research analysts and fund managers understand how Customer Success fits into the SaaS business model. Far from looking at CS teams as just another flashy business fad, investors consider them to be critical to ensuring that revenue recurs predictably. That predictability gives investors peace of mind, when so many of the other variables they're analyzing in a business can change in a heartbeat.

Of course, most investors are data people. They take confidence in the numbers above all else. And we may have a soft spot for client emotions, but we love math as much as anyone! So, to understand why investors value CS so highly, let's turn to an example of Customer Success math.

Investors Are Doing the Math

Allyson White is a principal at Insight Partners, a leading global venture capital and private equity firm that invests in high-growth tech companies ...

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