3A Day in the Life of a Customer Success Manager

We have discussed the imperatives of Customer Success and the purpose of the Customer Success Manager role. Now, it's time to start describing what a typical day in the life of a Customer Success Manager looks like. It is important to note that CSMs may be asked to perform to different metrics and objectives based on their company. And this means their activities may vary from company to company. Nevertheless, there are strong commonalities across all business segments that employ a properly leveraged CS team.

Putting Customer Success into Practice

Below is a summary of the main elements you'll encounter as a CSM. It's a true and real glimpse into a day in the life of a CS professional. It is also instructive. Even if you are currently a CSM, you may find new tips and tricks to help you navigate through your day. Admittedly, it's not comprehensive, but it is intended to capture the most critical mileposts of a CSM throughout a typical day, week, or month.

Day in the life of a CSM:

  1. Check your calendar before you do anything else. That's correct. Check your calendar first, not your inbox. Your calendar should accurately reflect appointments that have been scheduled prior, and you'll want to have your day and critical appointments registered top-of-mind before you start your day off. It is also an opportunity for you to reprioritize any non-essential meetings.
  2. Review your proactive to-do list. Review your proactive to-do list. ...

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