• Access control
    • cryptography
    • mobile devices
    • organization requirements for
    • risk management statement
    • taking a fresh look at
    • teleworking
    • user access management
      • management of privileged access rights
      • management of secret authentication information of users
      • removal and adjustment of user rights
      • review of user access
      • user access provisioning
      • user registration and deregistration
    • user responsibility
      • access control to program source code
      • information access restriction
      • password management system
      • privileged utility programs, use of
      • secure log-in procedures
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Awareness survey (2015)
  • Airmic
  • Align, plan, and organize (APO) domain
  • Assurance and cyber risk management
    • assurance maturity scenarios
      • less mature assurance
      • mature assurance
    • combined assurance reporting by ERM head
      • illustrative sample
    • cyber risk management statement
    • ever presence of cyber risk
    • internal auditor's expectation of an organization managing cyber risks effectively
      • case for combined assurance model
      • combined assurance obtained by CEO
      • risk assessment expected by internal audit
      • role for a cybersecurity-specific line of defense
      • role for an information, communication, and technology (ICT) unit
      • roles for compliance and quality assurance
      • roles for ERM and organization strategy to work closely with ICT


  • Big Data analytics
    • preparing for a Big Data policy
      • employee policy content amendments
      • “privacy by design” key content
    • understanding Big Data risks
  • Board cyber risk ...

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