CHAPTER 5Bridging the Gap

I think the risks are really attracting the top talent, retaining the top talent, making sure that there is continued funding to invest in cybersecurity on the programs where we will need to prioritize and then processes that need to be improved. Overall, you can’t stop what’s going on outside of your organization. You can’t stop the bad things. You have to just prepare how to respond to them so the biggest risk is not doing anything. That would be detrimental. But, as long as you have a good security program, you’re able to retain the talent and work towards fulfilling some of the gaps and holes that you have, you should be okay.

CIO, Healthcare Provider

Walk into any major McAfee campus around the world and you’ll see a common fixture. It’s not the usual amenity you might expect to find in modernized workplaces, like a gym or friendly dogs at work (though we also have plenty of those!). It’s a . . . wall.

Since the public discourse is replete with talks of walls at the moment, let me explain. Like many companies, McAfee has a vision, mission, and values. Our vision reflects our aspiration for our industry and world. Our mission guides strategy. Our values express behaviors for the company we are. Those important cultural pillars are likely not that different from what your employer espouses.

But what sets us apart from many companies is that we also have a pledge. While our vision, mission, and values reflect our ambition, thinking, and conduct, ...

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