Setting Up Bridge
When you first start working in Photoshop CS2, one of the first things that
you might ask yourself is, Where the heck did the File Browser go?Well,
the little File Browser has grown up to be its own application, now named
Bridge. Bridge offers much more integrated functionality with all of the
Creative Suite applications. As a matter of fact, it works as a bridge between
all of those programs, so that they can work together more closely than ever
before. (You could also think of it as Command Central, a place where the
captain of a spaceship might sit and have access to control over all the dif-
ferent systems of his vessel... Yes, I’m talking about Star Trek.)
“But I miss the File Browser,you say. Although I sympathize, I think that
you will find the capabilities of Bridge to be far superior, especially with
regard to the tasks that we will be performing with it.
Figure 5-1. Keywords: Honolulu, Highway, Bridge, Traffic, Mountains, Frustration
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