Digital Asset Management
H key will always bring up the Help menu in the slideshow, where you can
see the entire range of keyboard commands that are available.
The Window Menu
The Window menu is a fairly standard menu for navigation between and
around open windows, but out of the box Bridge’s Window menu is missing
a few important capabilities. Fortunately, you can customize the Window
menu (as shown in Figure 5-37) with two handy scripts: BridgeNav.jsx and
Window Popper.
The Bridge Menus
Figure 5-36. The View menu in Bridge, with
panel options grayed-out.
Figure 5-37. The Window menu as I have
it configured. I use two scripts to customize
how my Window menu operates: BridgeNav
and Window Popper.
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Chapter 5, Setting Up Bridge
The Bridge Menus
The BridgeNav script enables Bridge to show you the names of each open
window, as you can see at the bottom of the Window menu in Figure 5-37.
You can download this free script from To
cycle through all open windows in Bridge, press Command-~.
The “Place in new Window(s) command is provided by the Window
Popper script. It enables you to create a new window for every image cur-
rently selected in Bridge. This is very handy at the end of an edit, when you
want to review your selections, or if you would like to show a client several
images by themselves. If you want to add this functionality to your Bridge,
you can purchase the script from
Workspaces are saved configurations of the Bridge windows. They let you
quickly switch between views that are good for different functions. Bridge
comes with five presets, and gives you the ability to make many more. Seven
of your custom workspaces can have keyboard shortcuts attached; the rest
can be invoked only by menu commands.
I have several favorite workspaces, as you can see in Figure 5-35. For
example, I have one for general image browsing on my laptop, pictured in
Figure 5-39, and one that I use when I plug the laptop into a large monitor,
pictured in Figure 5-40.
Figure 5-38. The Workspaces submenu. My custom workspaces are the bottom four entries.
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Digital Asset Management
The Bridge Menus
Figure 5-40. My Bridge Browsing workspace, on a monitor that has a resolution of 1600x1200 pixels.
Figure 5-39. My Bridge Browsing Laptop workspace. I have sized these windows to be optimum for
browsing a folder of images at a screen resolution of 1024x768.
I have also created two custom workspaces that let me get a better look at an
image in Bridge. Figure 5-41 shows my Largest Preview workspace.
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