Chapter 8. Working Files Management

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We’re using the concept of the lifecycle of the image to clarify how to work efficiently on pictures and create a secure collection. The previous chapter outlined the ingestion phase, where we can use automation to download, back up, rename and add bulk metadata to files. In this chapter, we’ll examine the working files phase. This is where we do some custom work to the images in order to prepare them for distribution and archiving. In the next two chapters, we’ll see sample workflows on how to accomplish these tasks.

  • Working Files Overview

  • Raw File Workflow

  • Reworking Archived Images

  • File Handling Workflow

Working Files Overview

The goal we have is simple: to develop an orderly workflow to move the images from the camera to the archive. Some parts of this process can be automated; they are taken care of in the ingestion stage. Other work, like rating for quality, must be done by the eyes and hands of an actual human being, and we take care of that in the working phase. As with much of what’s outlined in this book, this can be much simpler for users who employ a single computer and a single program to do their work. It gets more complicated when you have to develop workflows that involve multiple computers, users, and applications.

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