Chapter 10. Bridge/ACR Workflow

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In this chapter, we’ll take an alternate look at how you might want to handle your works in progress, using Adobe Bridge 3 (part of Photoshop CS4) and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). The previous chapter described how you can use Lightroom to adjust and catalog images. In this chapter, we’ll assume the image adjustment and the image cataloging are done by separate applications. In many ways, this arrangement—using Bridge with a separate cataloging program—makes the process more clear. The line between image preparation and image archiving is a brighter one, since it is being handled by two different applications. We’ll see how to set up Bridge, and we’ll look at a sample workflow that uses Bridge/ACR for working files until they are sent to the archive, at which point the catalog software takes over. We’ll look at using catalog software in the next chapter.

  • Bridge/ACR and Expression Media: A Great Combination

  • Setting Up Bridge and ACR

  • Sample Bridge/ACR Workflow

Bridge/ACR and Expression Media: A Great Combination

Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), and Expression Media are extremely capable, flexible, and extensible applications. At the time of this writing, I consider them to be easily the best of breed for their application types, particularly if you are looking at cross-platform solutions. And since these programs are powered by XMP data at their cores, they ...

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