Chapter 11. Cataloging Strategies

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In this chapter, we’ll examine how we can implement and make the best use of catalog software. Once again, we’ll start by outlining some general principles for setup and use of catalog software, followed by some practical descriptions of workflow. As with much of this book, the specific software offerings are more numerous than we can fully describe, and are changing pretty fast. We’ll mostly look at Expression Media as we discuss catalog capabilities, but I’ll mention Lightroom when appropriate.

This chapter presents a discussion of the tools that are in catalog software and some strategies on how to use those tools. It is difficult to provide a comprehensive workflow description because there are several different applications to choose from, and because the needs of users will be particular to the collections they manage. My main goal here is for you to see how a transparent management tool can help you prepare your image collection for a long and fruitful life.

  • Choosing Your Software

  • Managing Your Catalogs

  • Expression Media Basics

  • Expression Media Workflow

  • Archive Restoration and Validation

Choosing Your Software

As we approach the decision to choose a software package, there are a number of things to keep in mind. I’ll lay out the criteria as I see them, discussing the various issues you should consider as you make your choice. While the options for desktop ...

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