About the Author

Chapter 1 Introduction

Why Is There a Need for This Book?

To Integrate or Disintegrate? That Is the Question

Approach of This Book

Who Is the Intended Audience for This Book?

General Industry Models versus More Specific Industry Models

Industry Data Models versus Data Model Applications

The Volume 2 Models: Customized and New Models for Each Industry

Conventions and Standards Used in This Book


Subtypes and Supertypes

Non-Mutually Exclusive Sets of Subtypes



Relationship Optionality

Relationship Cardinality

Foreign Key Relationships

Foreign Key Inheritance

Intersection or Association Entities to Handle Many-to- Many Relationships

Exclusive Arcs

Recursive Relationships

Physical Models

Conventions Used for Illustration Tables

Conventions Used to Reference Figures

The Data Model Resource Book, Volume 2, Industry Download Products

Chapter 2 Manufacturing

People and Organizations in Manufacturing

Product Models in Manufacturing

Products and Parts

Design Engineering

Part Specifications and Documentation

Part Specification Roles and Status

Engineering Change

Product Bill of Material, Substitutes, and Inventory Configurations

Product Bill of Materials

Part Substitutions

Inventory Item Configurations

Other Product Models


Usage of the Order Models for Manufacturers

Materials Requirements Planning


Deployment and Use of Products


Deployment Usage

Inventory Ownership

Work Effort

Process ...

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