CHAPTER6Work Effort

A key component of conducting business is the act of providing various types of services to various parties. As previously noted, businesses generally provide two types of product offerings: They sell either goods or services. When businesses sell services, they have a responsibility to perform those services, and then they need to bill for them. This often involves the completion of some type of work effort. Businesses also perform work efforts within their internal organizations to accomplish tasks, such as completing a project, producing inventory for sale, or maintaining some corporate asset.

Some questions that enterprises need to answer in the course of doing business include the following:

  • What type of work effort is required?
  • What items need to be produced, or what services need to be delivered?
  • Who will be involved and what are their roles?
  • Where will the work take place?
  • How long will it take?
  • What is the current status of the effort?
  • Are the appropriate resources (people, inventory, equipment) available? If not, when will they be?
  • What standards and metrics are in place to measure work effort effectiveness?
  • What results are work efforts producing and how efficient are they?

This chapter will illustrate the following models that help answer those questions:

  • Work requirements
  • Work requirement roles
  • Work effort generation (alternate model also provided)
  • Work effort associations
  • Work effort party assignment
  • Work effort time tracking
  • Work effort rates ...

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